LCDF Patient Rights

It is the policy of LCDF to observe the rights of the patient’s we serve. LCDF patients have a right to the following:

AWARENESS: Be made aware they have patient rights and responsibilities as a patient of LCDF.

SECURITY: Expect to feel safe and secure in the facilities and to be provided an environment in which they feel safe in disclosing problems with violence.

ACCESS: Expect facilities and services to be reasonably accessible and useable and that LCDF will continue to meet ADA requirements.

ETHICAL: Expect our health workers to be respectful of their civil rights, religious opinions and ethical issues, which may impact care.

SURROGATE: Have a family member or responsible party involved in treatment decisions. When a patient is not able to make their own decision a family member or responsible party may be designated as a surrogate.

SERVICE: Efficient service regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnic background, education, social or economic status.

RESPECT: Expect our health care workers to be respectful of their personal values, beliefs, needs, feelings and to be treated courteously with dignity as human beings.

INFORMATION: Know their diagnosis, treatment, procedures and probable medical consequences of alternatives offered. Significant information will also be provided regarding themselves in terms the average patient can reasonably be expected to understand and which would enable the patient to give informed consent.

CONSENT: Informed consent and full discussion of risks and benefits prior to any invasive procedure except in an emergency. Alternatives to the proposed procedures must be discussed with the patient.

PAIN MANAGEMENT: Appropriate assessment and management of pain.

COMMUNICATION: Expect staff to assist in interpretation for non-English speaking patients. Have all communications in a language they can clearly understand.

IDENTIFICATION: Expect our staff to verbally identify themselves by name, title and profession to patients. Inform patients of who services or information is received from. Expect staff members to wear identifiable tags with name and title.

CHOICE:-Refuse examination, discussion and procedures to
the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the health and legal consequences of this refusal. In addition, grant permission for participation in research studies.

PRIVACY & SECURITY: to privacy concerning their own medical care. To confidential examinations and treatments. To privacy and security of data and information contained in your medical record required by HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

CONTINUITY OF CARE: Expect reasonable continuity of care within the scope of services and staffing of the facility. Referrals to other services and agencies that are necessary for continuity of care.

BILLING: Question, discuss and ascertain a full disclosure of their charges for services regardless of the source of payment.

CHARGES: Expect information about fee schedules and payment policies.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Know that rules and regulations apply to their conduct as a patient and to have representation in the formulation of rules and regulations that will govern them as a patient.


  1. Call, toll-free 866.233.3954 and ask to speak to the Medical Operations Director, or
  2. File a written complaint to the Medical Operations Director who will respond to your complaint within fifteen (15) working days. At the completion of the investigation you will receive a written response.
  3. If the patient is not satisfied with the written response the complaint will be sent to the Executive Director who will respond, in writing, within 30 working days.
  4. If the patient is not satisfied the complaint will be sent to the Board President at LCDF Administration 385 Calle de Alegra Las Cruces NM 88005. The Board President will have 60 working days to respond to the patient.
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