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What is Treatment Foster Care?

Treatment Foster Care (TFC) is a community based service that is aimed to improve and enhance the emotional, physical and behavioral health of the youth served. Youth can receive TFC services up to the age of 21.  In TFC, foster parents are considered the primary agent of change. They are trained and given support to implement key elements of treatment in the context of family and community life, while supporting the goals of discharge planning for children in their care.

TFC Parents partner closely with a treatment team and work toward meeting established treatment goals that include a permanent living situation which may be living at home with adoptive parents, long-term foster care or independent living.

Services are designed to work with the patient’s individual needs with the goal of keeping them in the community and prevent placement in a more restrictive setting or support the patient in returning from a more restrictive setting as they transition home.

Who are TFC Parents?

  • Married or cohabiting couples or single individuals who open their homes to youth who have complex and significant behavioral and emotional needs
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to devote the time and attention needed to care for the youth
  • Individuals who will advocate for the youth’s best interest
  • Individuals who are willing to learn and adapt to new methods of parenting to meet the unique needs of the youth that are placed in their home
  • Individuals who are financially stable
  • Individuals who pass local, state, federal and CYFD background checks

How do I become a TFC Parent?

  • Attend an orientation meeting
  • Complete the pre-service training process which consists of 40+ hours
  • Pass abuse and neglect background checks
  • Pass national, state, and local background checks
  • Pass a physical exam by your physician
  • Pass home safety checks
  • Complete and pass a Home Study
What is expected of a licensed professional TFC parent?
  • Commitment to the TFC youth
  • Willingness to receive and implement recommendations for working with TFC youth
  • Flexibility
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to try new approaches to parenting
  • Honesty
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to function as a member of the treatment team
  • Provide a safe and, supportive, nurturing and stable home environment for TFC youth
  • Provide for the TFC youth’s everyday and basic needs which includes (and is not limited to) food, shelter, clothing, transportation to various appointments and educational support
  • Support for the TFC youth in developing social skills and life skills

What is expected of La Clinica de Familia staff?

To provide you comprehensive pre-service training on working with youth who have severe emotional and behavioral health needs

  • To provide you comprehensive training on policies, procedures, best practices and agency expectations
  • To provide you on-going support and guidance throughout your journey as a TFC parent
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