Patient Rights and Responsibilities


We are required by the State of New Mexico to inform you of the protections of patients’ rights under state law:

  1. The right to efficient and equal service, regardless of their race, sex, religion, ethnic background, education, social class, physical or mental handicap, or economic status.
  2. The right of considerate, courteous and respectful care from all staff of the facility.
  3. The right of complete information in terms the average patient can reasonably be expected to understand.
  4. The right to informed consent and full discussion of risks and benefits prior to any invasive procedure, except in an emergency; alternatives to the proposed procedure must be discussed with the patient.
  5. The right to obtain assistance in interpretation for non-English speaking patients.
  6. The right to know the names, titles, and professions of the facility staff to whom the patient speaks and from whom services or information are received.
  7. The right to refuse examination, discussion and procedures to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the health and legal consequences of this refusal.
  8. The right of access to patient’s personal health records.
  9. The right of respect for the patient’s privacy.
  10. The right of confidentiality of the patient’s personal health records as provided by law.
  11. The right to expect reasonable continuity of care within the scope of services and staffing of the facility.
  12. The right to respect for the patient’s civil rights and religious opinions.
  13. The right to present complaints to the management of the facility without fear of reprisal.
  14. The right to examine and receive a full explanation of any charges made by the facility regardless of source of payment.


The mission, vision, and goals of LCDF’s Primary Care Medical Home is to provide patient-centered and team-based comprehensive care, a system-based approach to quality and safety, and enhanced patient access. As a valued patient of LCDF, you have rights as well as responsibilities to ensure we meet all of your health care needs as a primary care medical home.

As our patient, you have the right:

  • to be seen for all your health care needs
  • to choose your own provider and change providers if desired
  • to participate in your own care
  • to have a care coordinator and a health care team to help you with your health needs
  • to be referred to specialists or seek a second opinion
  • to have 24 hours – 7 days a week access for medical advice and same day appointments when available

As our patient, your responsibilities are:

  • to provide a health history
  • to provide your current medication
  • to participate in your own care
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