Multisystemic Therapy


What is multisystemic therapist (MST)

If any of the following behaviors sound familiar to you, the MST program is for you!

  • Age 12-17
  • Refuses to do what you ask
  • Refuses to abide by curfew
  • Hangs out with friends you don’t approve of
  • Is skipping school or has academic and behavioral problems at school
  • Is using drugs or alcohol
  • Has been in trouble with the law
  • Is aggressive at home, at school or in the community
  • Has tried other types of therapy/treatment without success

Multisystemic Therapy is family and community based treatment that has been proven effective for youth and families who are struggling with difficult situations. A licensed therapist will work intensely with you and your child in your own home, in your child’s school, with probation officers, and anyone else in the community that your child interacts with. Our goal is to help you effectively manage your child’s behavior to enable your child to succeed and help your family return to a state of functioning that is acceptable to you.

MST is a time-limited service ranging from 3-5 months. Sessions are held several times a week to enable us to assist your family quickly with hands-on, practical interventions.

Our therapists are available 24/7 to assist families in resolving issues before they become a crisis. Parents are the most powerful resource available to youth and your involvement in the family therapy process is vital! Please let us offer this incredible service to you and your child!

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